CheerPrints Designs & Prints Cheer T-Shirts


I'm Carmine Silano, and I design and print shirts with the help of a few good friends. Each piece of artwork is inspired by the ramblings of coaches just like you.

Look at all the pretty pictures

Looking Good

The look of cheerleading and dance teams is as wacked-out as the music they use. I like to cultivate the chaos into shirts for the cheer and dance industry.

Friggin Cheerleaders.

Overdoing it.

I'm not a fan of limiting colors. If your design needs 3 colors, then the guys here will use 12 just because they can. Don't worry, the price will remain the same as if it was a 1-color print.


Carmine Silano

HELLO. Most AllStar people know me for CheerSounds Music, but this is my alter-ego. As a kid, I spent a lot of time in my father's silk-screen shop and felt it was natural to keep ink under my nails at all times. Contact me if you would like me to print for you.

Dream Big

Cheer Shirts

The designs have to look exciting; sort of busy; sort of scrambled. Right-brain stuff.

Cheerleading and dance teams seem to love it.

I sleep on a hard bed, but I like soft shirts. I try to pick only really soft shirts.

Team Uniformity Through Chaos.

Love Colors

After I'm done using heavy solvents, I can make billions of colors.

The colorblind employee handles the billing & finances. Ironically, she only sees green.

drINK the COLOveRS.

Your Turn

Email me your idea, then I'll generate a proof, then you send sizes+quantities+money and I send you finished shirts.
Email to start.
PayPal is my friend.
And Facebook is good, too.

If you have a bad attitude, I will politely turn away your work. We are the company we keep!



Fronts = $17.95ea
Front&Back = $19.95ea

We communicate, we design, we print, we ship. If you have questions, just ask! or 631-724-1237

I accept Ink as payment